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Stolen from hubby's facebook status of crazy!!

Wow... considering I've not made a status update since the 11th of November its about time for one. Since 11/11/12 or 11/11/12 in American date system. The following has occurred...

November 2012:- Location: Radiance of the Seas, (Australia/New Zealand)

Although without Brett Burrow i continued begrudgingly through the contract, meeting some fantastic people and not taking enough photos to remember it all.

The stage one (of two) of my permanent residency application was approved on the 22nd November, now the application is in London and I'm expecting some form of news on this around the end of February/ beginning of March 2013.

December 2012:- Location: Radiance of the Seas, (Australia/New Zealand).

Brett eventually joined the Radiance on the 20/12/12 and after a few weeks of discussion, that we'd kept mostly to ourselves we decided to cut our ties with RCCL and move onto to "the real world".

Departing Sydney Australia on the 30th Dec we flew direct to Vancouver and travelled to Victoria by coach/ferry in order to surprise Scott Burrow and Sheila Olson, through a little facebook glitch Samantha Burrow had discovered our plan while we were sat in Vancouver airport. But never the less a great surprise for all...(well at least thats what they've told us).

January 2013:- Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

January has been somewhat uneventful. New Years Eve was spent in family company playing a (mostly) civilized game of Rummoli. 

Most of this month has been varied across establishing our little space in the less than year old "cottage" again, so much gratitude is owed to Scott and Sheila, generally milling around awaiting the decision of my permanent residency visa and spending time with the youngest generation of our extended family.... oh and editing pictures.

In summary, a reflection upon the past three months has opened a new chapter in my own and Bretts life. A chapter that has included some drastic changes, which we are sure that are for the better. We're so much closer to having the "normal" life we've both craved since before we were married.

(Seeing as this post has got to oscar speech length I may as well...) I'd also like to thank my own mother Tracy Cowper for her continued love and support from afar, despite only seeing me for less than a month in the previous two years...

Scott and Sheila, whom i cannot thank enough for the support you've given us getting established here in Victoria again!!

Isabela RobertsJennifer Roberts-HallNorma Christou,Leilani RobertsBianca Jade Christou-Roberts for such smiles that welcomed us home!

[For some reason FB name tagged stopped working after this point so i've tagged you as with me....]

Phillip-Kahn for mailing all of our stuff from the Radiance to us here in Canada! Its just starting to arrive now!! Thanks a million!

Andrew and Andrea for awesome xmas presents (that finally arrived in our hands today!!)

Claire Walker for supporting Brett constantly!! A few beers are owed in your direction little missy!

If you're reading this and thinking "Well where am I??" firstly... I'm sorry I missed you... It's not because I'm not appreciative for what you've either done for me or Brett. It's simply that right now thats not coming up in my mind which is a little full of trying to condense the last three months into a facebook status update. But I also thank you...


Oh and thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday!!




and of course I'd like to thank the academy!!

We also surprised most my family a few days after New Years. It has been an adventure and a half these past few month. 

Ben has been volunteering at local theatre's here in town keeping busy and getting his name out there! He has worked on two productions at Langham Court Theatre and now just finished the lighting design for Kaleidoscope Theatres production of Singing in the Rain, which with both company's are ranting and raving about him! Too bad they are not paying theatres. 

I am going back to school to Camosun taking Community Support & Education Assistant. I am loving it!!!! 

We have also been considering next year moving to Edmonton. There is actual Theatre work out there and the ability to buy a house is cheeper!! So there is always that possibility in our future. Less scary then if I was alone.

With us we never know where life is going to take us!

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