Sunday, 27 January 2013

2013 what a way to start!

How we ended 2012 and started 2013.... Written by my mum....

New Year’s Eve eve (Dec. 30th) at about 10:00 pm Scott & I were in the middle of watching a movie (DVD) when we saw Samantha, our youngest at the door, opening it with her key AND she has other people with her. (For those of you who don’t know, she doesn’t live here anymore and usually lets us know when she is coming over.) And she has people with her! What the h#!!. So we stop the movie and get up to greet her at the door and HOLY Sh*t, it is Brett and Ben (our eldest and her husband)!!! Needless to say we were very surprised as they were supposed to be working on a cruise ship out of Sydney, Australia. Turns out they had had enough of living and working on a floating hotel and are home to stay. So all the emails asking “What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?” were to ensure that we would be home when they got here. Sam found out when Brett posted something and it said that she was in Richmond, BC. They then managed to surprise our friends Shelley & Bruce, cousins’ Ron & Is on New Year’s Eve when they came over to play Rummoli and bring in the New Year. Then we invited the Victoria family for tea yesterday and surprised all of them! Best surprised moment was when Leilani said “Shut the front door!” Second was when Is jumped when she saw Brett….
Great to have them home. They are settling into our cottage in the backyard and changing Brett’s old room into a games room. Now for Brett to find a job, and Ben to work on little projects around the house, while he awaits his final approval on his immigration papers. And he will probably see about doing some volunteer work at one of the community theatres to get his name in the right circles.

Many people are still finding out we are home. Many people think we left ships because I am preggers, which is no I am not. That will not happen for at least a year we have many things that we need to do before we even start thinking about babies, well actualy having them, I am thinking about them. People who know me will know that Mum and I are thrift store shoppers and can't leave a store with out looking though the baby clothes. Who can pass up $1 OshKosh' B'gosh overalls!! Really who!! So yes babies are on my mind but I know that we have things in out life that need to be done! First thing and most important Ben's immigration! This is the most important with our life. Once he gets his immigration then he can start working!!! I have been thinking and hoping I can go back to school! I have been looking in to the Education Assistant program at Camosun Collage here in Victoria.

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  1. Sadly for Fred, Ben's Dad, this is the only way that he can keep up to date about his son's life. Maybe one day when you become parents yourselves you will realise how important maintaining a relationship with your'Dad' is.