Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Aug 24, 2010

Is there anything else people who have been to Victoria or live there that pot-of towners should do and see!!?!?! Any advice for people!

Information for our out of town guests

I will try to add information for our out of town guests when I find it hopefully you find it useful!

For anyone who doesn’t know where we are getting married and having the reception it is all to be held at The Sleeping Dog Farm


Airport and Travel Information


The local airport is Victoria Airport (airport code YYJ)


The biggest airport is Vancouver International Airport (airport code YVR)


North American airline West Jet


UK to Canada cheaper airline



Catching a ferry from Vancouver (Tsawwassen) to the Vancouver Island (Swartz Bay)


Guests from the USA have The Victoria Clipper which is a passenger ferry and the CoHo which is a vehicle and passenger ferry. Both end up in the heart of Victoria.

The Victoria Clipper


The CoHo



The next link is the bus connection from Vancouver Airport to Downtown Victoria the schedule may change for next summer but I will change the link if that happens.


Once in Victoria we have a wonderful bus system. You can buy day passes if you will be do a lot that day!


This link is also from BC transit that explains how to get to the most site’s in Victoria by Bus.


Accommodation Options

These are only options that I have found on-line that are near the Farm, also near town. When we get closer to the wedding we are hoping to be able to contact one of these hotels to see if they can give us a discount on rooms then when we also get the date of the wedding we might be able to arrange group transportation to Sleeping Dog Farm

Hotels and Inn’s

Comfort Inn Victoria


Ramada Inn


Travellers Inn


Howard Johnson Hotel


If you would like to rent a vacation home in Victoria or the area.



Turtle Hostal


Hi-Victoria Hostal


Ocean Island Hostal


Must Visit Places in Victoria


One of my families favorites Spinnakers


If you have never been to the West Coast of BC before then you must try the local family style restaurants.


Tourism in Victoria

This is the official webpage for tourism in Victoria, BC


The Royal BC Museum


The Pacifica Undersea Gardens


Victoria Carriage Tours


Kabuki Kabs


Butchart Gardens


Carigdarroch Castle


Emily Carr House


Victoria Art Gallery


Friday, 20 August 2010

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010
So in a year we will be married!!!!!! crazy thoughts!!! so on the 23rd my parents went out to Sleeping Dog Farm, my dad had not seen the venue until this time and he has reassured me that it is perfect!!!! Which helps put our minds at ease! We have now put down the deposit to the farm so July 21, 2011 it is our!!!! Thanks Mum and Dad for lending us the money! Now one less thing on our long list of things to do but we do have a year still!!!

April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010
I am horrible at up keeping up with this blog. Ben and I have just moved out of our flat in to a house. We are still renting, hopefully our next move will be in to our own house. We have booked a photographer. I have a friend who has designed our invites which I am quite excited about !!!! Not sure what else is new in the wedding front still on the hunt for a cater and really that is the last thing I think!!!! Unless something else pops up!!! cross my fingers that it doesn't!!!

February 12, 2010

February 12, 2010

Has been a long long time since I updated this! So since this week a few major things have come around!

We have booked Sleeping Dog Farm and my dress arrived all in one day!!

I have not been to the farm but I can by the way when I look at it on-line and when I talk to Leanne the owner at Sleeping Dog Farm I am in love!! I don't even remember how I came across the farm's website.

I still have a lot to do but know what I want so it is all coming together! I keep telling our friend Kate who is getting married in May of this year that our wedding will be all planned and done by the time hers rolls around which with the way I am going it will be!!!

November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009

So yesterday my sister and my mum went out to look at Sleeping Dog Farm. My sister says its great and also told me that they have a new website, which has made me fall in love with the site! It is totally worth looking at their website again!!! Go take a look at let me know what you all think.


October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009

I think I have found someone to design and make our wedding invitations. I have e-mailed her and she seems very nice and full of wonderful ideas!!!


I have asked her for ideas on making a theatre playbill into wedding invitations, she was full of idea on how make this idea work for us! She has done the playbill idea before for her own wedding rehearsal dinner.


She is very great in price and has a lot of other great designs on her site! Take a look and let me know what you think.

October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009

More bouquet ideas...

I really like the look of the hydrangea with the smaller flowers. Since our main colour is a deep red, the other flower could be a nice small deep red rose?!

I like the top hydrangea bouquet better then the lower one. I really like the cream colour of the top one!

I like the relaxed feeling with this one.

Another great idea for the mason jars. Could use some to mark out an isle at the park, I haven't thought about renting chairs any ideas where to rent them from?!

Wedding favors, paper with flower seeds. I have also contacted seed companies about purchasing seed packets of our choice. I think I might go with seed packets becasue I can find a local company that will do them for me and print on the outside of the seeds!

I wish I was able to actually start buying and booking thing but with it still over 600 days away and no money no such luck.

I am now officially in Liverpool and working and playing here. I can't wait until Christmas when my family comes over. It will be the first time Ben and my families meet!! Very exiciting! It will be a very different Christmas for everyone!!!!!

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

I have been looking to places to hold our reception. I have found two locations which suit what I am looking for in a place. Thoughts?!



September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

As I have just stated to Ben it is 3 months till Christmas! HAHAHA!!! So I am now back in Liverpool I have started shadowing Ben at the theatre so I can take over his job so he can start stage-managing the next show! So I have has less time to look and think about a wedding that is still two years away. Which really is a good thing since it took up alot of time and made alot of stress.

For our reception we are wanting something very relaxed, very much like a family bbq or family picnic, we, well rather I would like to find somewhere we can have an old house looking building with a garden and grass so we can play games. My mum and I have looked at Goward House out on Arbutus Road. It is ideal just far out of town, but strangely in a city like Victoria it is hard to find a place that suits our need like Goward House. also with the flowers for the tables useing canning/mason jars I think we may need some more if you have any you can part with or you know in the future you can part with them I would love to be able to borrow them any size and any shape would be great!!!!!!! Any thoughts!?

For food for the reception I really want a bbq with all the bbq favorites, like chicken, salmon, ribs and potatoes, corn on the cob. Some caterers have options like this. I think it will take alot of e-mailing between myself and them to get what we would like for this.

I think the hardest thing to deside on will be the photographer. I think I know who I want to go with but I wish I had met her when I was home. Well that will be something Ben and I will have to do when we maybe come home next summer for a vist. We may also then might do engagment photos with her, even tho I read that engagment photo's are to be taken three months before the wedding but well for us that just dosn't work!

Don't for get to sign the Guest book so I can here from you all and RSVP if you know for sure you will be comming would be great to get an idea of you all that are comming will make the whole thing even more real feeling. The first realness set in when we bought my dress and when I sent the Save-the-date cards!

September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

So I have a dress, I have lots of ideas! Which I shall share with you! I am wanting to have a bbq for the reception and kinda keep with that theme I would like for the centre peices flowers in mason jars.

I also want to make a "wishing tree" instead of a guest book. I want people to write wishes, quotes, or advice to us so we can put it in our wedding album. I have seen alot of ideas online but we want it simpler.

There are alot of differnt types of bouquets. Not quite sure where I am going to go with it. I have lots of time for the flowers.