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September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

As I have just stated to Ben it is 3 months till Christmas! HAHAHA!!! So I am now back in Liverpool I have started shadowing Ben at the theatre so I can take over his job so he can start stage-managing the next show! So I have has less time to look and think about a wedding that is still two years away. Which really is a good thing since it took up alot of time and made alot of stress.

For our reception we are wanting something very relaxed, very much like a family bbq or family picnic, we, well rather I would like to find somewhere we can have an old house looking building with a garden and grass so we can play games. My mum and I have looked at Goward House out on Arbutus Road. It is ideal just far out of town, but strangely in a city like Victoria it is hard to find a place that suits our need like Goward House. also with the flowers for the tables useing canning/mason jars I think we may need some more if you have any you can part with or you know in the future you can part with them I would love to be able to borrow them any size and any shape would be great!!!!!!! Any thoughts!?

For food for the reception I really want a bbq with all the bbq favorites, like chicken, salmon, ribs and potatoes, corn on the cob. Some caterers have options like this. I think it will take alot of e-mailing between myself and them to get what we would like for this.

I think the hardest thing to deside on will be the photographer. I think I know who I want to go with but I wish I had met her when I was home. Well that will be something Ben and I will have to do when we maybe come home next summer for a vist. We may also then might do engagment photos with her, even tho I read that engagment photo's are to be taken three months before the wedding but well for us that just dosn't work!

Don't for get to sign the Guest book so I can here from you all and RSVP if you know for sure you will be comming would be great to get an idea of you all that are comming will make the whole thing even more real feeling. The first realness set in when we bought my dress and when I sent the Save-the-date cards!

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