Friday, 20 August 2010

October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009

More bouquet ideas...

I really like the look of the hydrangea with the smaller flowers. Since our main colour is a deep red, the other flower could be a nice small deep red rose?!

I like the top hydrangea bouquet better then the lower one. I really like the cream colour of the top one!

I like the relaxed feeling with this one.

Another great idea for the mason jars. Could use some to mark out an isle at the park, I haven't thought about renting chairs any ideas where to rent them from?!

Wedding favors, paper with flower seeds. I have also contacted seed companies about purchasing seed packets of our choice. I think I might go with seed packets becasue I can find a local company that will do them for me and print on the outside of the seeds!

I wish I was able to actually start buying and booking thing but with it still over 600 days away and no money no such luck.

I am now officially in Liverpool and working and playing here. I can't wait until Christmas when my family comes over. It will be the first time Ben and my families meet!! Very exiciting! It will be a very different Christmas for everyone!!!!!

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