Monday, 4 October 2010

Changeing names

In such a modern world it is still amazing how many women take their husbands names but a new trend is starting the husbands taking the wives name. I know that like with Ben it has to do with his name connected to his dad, whom he is on loose speaking tear's with meaning they speak when it is convenient for his dad. Ben was going to change his last name to his Mum's maiden name but when after we got engaged he decided that he will change his name to mine (I was never going to change mine). We went to a friends wedding this year and he changed his last name to hers, everyone thought it was odd, Ben was upset cause he now feels like he is following them!! I love the fact that my last name will carry on to our kids! So next year I will still be Brett Nadine Burrow and Ben will be Benjamin Levi Burrow.


  1. Because Ty's last name is so short I just added it onto mine-that way I could still have my own last name but also have the same last name as my babies! :)

  2. Bens's Dad has always tried his best to keep in touch but may aswell have banged his head against a brick wall. Unfortunately the very imature attitude following the divorce is something that Ben cant come to terms with . His relationship with his Dad had no reason to change!