Tuesday, 14 September 2010


ok un-wedding post....

It is funny in a country with this many people and not so much space you would think that they would be huge recyclers but they are not! For things like clothing there is no where like Value Village to take most if not all your unwanted goods!! We have a few smaller places like Oxfam and The British Heart & Stroke Foundation which is great but getting two almost three bags of clothing down to them is a right pain in the ass! I have been taking our books to Oxfam, tried giving our clothes to one of the foundations that leave a flyer in your letter box and that will come round on a certain day and time to pick it up all you have to do is leave it out! Well they didn't take our two huge bags! I am not sure what we are going to do with all our unwanted stuff when we leave this country!!! Another thing the lack a garbage bins!!!!! We have a wonderful canal system with path along them but there is no garbage bins along it so guess where all of it ends up!!!! IN THE CANAL!!!!! It is horrible!!! This is where I was taking pictures of the baby Canadian Geese during the summer! One time when I was walking with some friends along it we passed a couple who were in their canal boat going through the locks, we helped them through and when I was chatting to the wife she said they will never come back through the canals here because of all the trash in the water system! I don't understand how people can just drop their garbage in the canal its like dropping garbage in your friends living room!!! It makes me sad to think that in this wonderful country the people can't look after something that is theirs and that is so unique and full of history and LIFE!!!!

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